Paperwork is killing the workforce, especially in the commercial loan industry.  It seems like there was a jokester who set up the process – ask anyone who has gone through an SBA or FHA loan!  It was one of our clients that said, “they are slow as molasses.” Why? No one likes to fill out any application, especially when there are over 20 to 40 forms that you fill out and sign.  What is funny is that each bank and lending institution have their own forms and paperwork requirements. Some banks have minimal paperwork and other banks have paperwork equivalent to a Doctorate thesis.

How does this paperwork situation work when so many of our clients have more than 5 businesses?  Most don’t have the time to fill out 40 forms for 5 different banks because they have their own business to run.  That is why many borrowers forfeit any gains and just renew. The process is so stressful, not user friendly, time consuming, and right out exhausting. Add to it, there are over 10,000 lending institutions and unlike other industries, the commercial finance industry is segmented by loan type.  Plus there are no industry standards.

This is the reason why the borrowers are getting the short end of the stick.  These borrowers are individuals who manage 5 to 25 businesses. No time to shop for better options so they settle for what they know because it seems easier. That is the exact reason why we recommend our clients to do an annual portfolio review.  The portfolio review will identify opportunities that are there and how those opportunities affect the overall portfolio. After reviewing the opportunity, we search through our 10,000 Lenders database to find who can match your needs. Then, we present you with your choices.

CH Capital Partners, LLC – we reduce time on paperwork because we understand how valuable your time is.