Kellee Cordell-Galbraith - CH Capital Partners LLC

Managing Director (CEO)

St. Louis, MO

About Me

My mother, older brother Sok and I moved to Hawaii from South Korea with our stepfather who was an Air Force officer shortly before my 7th birthday. I was familiar with English but not fluent, so I had to repeat the 2nd grade to master the language. My parents were told that speaking English at home would help assimilate us faster into the American culture which was their goal. However, in doing so, I lost much more than my native language. I adapted so quickly into the American culture that I unknowingly stripped myself of my Korean culture.


This culture adoption helped me immerse quickly to new locations as the Air Force took us across the United States to South Carolina and finally, Alaska where my stepfather retired. By the time I entered high school, I was in mostly Advanced Placement and college prep classes and graduated at the age of 17. I matriculated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communications and a minor in Sociology. After working in my field, I attended Webster University in Saint Louis, MO and graduated Summa Cum Laude with my MBA in a self accelerated year program.

Promotions And Marketing

I was working for the State of Alaska, when I was offered the position of Marketing and Promotions Manager at Alaska’s heritage bar. During my time there, we broke records in revenue that allowed the expansion of the location, received recognition for our community efforts from the State Visitors Bureau and was named one of the top 10 leading nightclubs in the nation by a national publication. Beyond marketing, we launched the new brand Red Bull and promoted national concerts in cooperation with the city’s arena venue.

Radio Sales and Marketing

The nightclub industry took me to Las Vegas where I moved to an account executive position for what is now Entercom radio. Leading the market in media conversions, multi sponsor promotions and new brand management, I moved up to a Senior Account Executive position for what is now I heart radio. I lead the market in new clients, multi station promotions and generated over 50% of my station’s revenue. The radio industry took me to St Louis, a top 20 market as a Senior Account Manager. This position allowed me to convert standard media to online and non traditional marketing, new clients who had not used radio or online previously to maximized market share.

Education and Recruitment

I left radio to pursue my MBA on a full time basis in a one year program that was not available to the public. Once completed, I took a position in Education Recruitment that allowed me to pursue some personal goals while advancing in the company. In my 5 years in recruitment, I advanced quickly to the top tier level of Master I and was regarded as the assistant to re recruitment manager.

Personal and Landmark

I recently completed the Landmark Forum and will begin seminars shortly. In my training, I learned where I can maximize my skills in work and life. I will attend the Advanced Series later in the year and assimilate my new skills within my position at CH Capital. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband who is a veteran in the radio industry in North America and my beautiful 3 year old son.

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