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CH Capital Partners, LLC focuses exclusively on the unique needs of companies in the lower small and middle market businesses (typically valued between $2 million and $30 million), private companies, banks, and financial service institutions.

One of our partners is the oldest CDC’s (Community Development Company) in the country that  provides the SBA compliance programs for various Banks and Credit Unions. Our third party partners have been around nearly 30 years and funded over $2.37 billion in SBA 504 loans. With such exceptional experience, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best solutions in originating, packaging, selling and servicing your SBA loans.

Our professionals have an abundance of multi-functional and multi-industry corporate expertise in conjunction with themselves having had a multitude of entrepreneurial experiences through start-ups, acquisitions and divestitures. Our company provides a wide array of services from Investment Consulting, Commercial Mortgage Banking, Government Guaranteed Loan Solutions and Wall Street Structured Finance to create loan solution products for our cherished clients.

Government Loan Consulting & Management

  • SBA & USDA Loan Origination
  • SBA & USDA Loan Packaging
  • SBA & USDA Loan Servicing
  • SBA & USDA Loan (Interest Rate Swap Consulting)
  • SBA & USDA Loan National Product Consulting
  • SBA & USDA Loan Securitization
  • SBA & USDA Loan Risk Management
  • SBA & USDA Loan (Packaging & Selling the non-guaranteed)
  • SBA & USDA Loan Liquidation Policy & Procedure Consulting
  • SBA & USDA Loan Portfolio Management

Commercial Real Estate Services

  • Cost Segregation Depreciation Analysis
  • Commercial Defeasance Evaluation
  • R&D Energy Tax Credit
  • Commercial Property Mortgage Portfolio ReviewCommercial Real Estate
  • Low Income Tax Credit Advisory
  • New Market Tax Credit Advisory
  • Grant Solutions
  • Real Estate Tax Planning Services

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