Sok H. Cordell - CH Capital Partners LLC

Sr. Managing Director

Portland, OR

About Sok H. Cordell

Individuals and Institutions have depended upon Sok H. Cordell and his team of professionals for his expertise and experience in the financial industry since 1995. Sok and his team of professionals priority is to create a lasting relationship with his clients by listening to their personal values and needs and providing exceptional service.

Sok H. Cordell started his financial-service career more then two decades ago with Salomon Smith Barney a Citibank Company, where he specialized in financial planning and received extensive education on portfolio management. At the firm, he earned a prestigious title of Guided Portfolio Manager (GPM) as part of Salomon Smith Barney’s Consulting Group.


1998 - UBS|Paine Webber

In 1998, he joined UBS|Paine Webber as First Vice President, where he specialized in Wealth Management. He received broad education in Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and Structured Finance. He and his team managed over 490 households accounts throughout the Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

2002 - Wachovia Securities

In 2002, Sok H. Cordell joined Wachovia Securities a Wells Fargo Company as a Sr. Vice President, and relocated from Anchorage Alaska to Portland Oregon. Sok H. Cordell specialized in Derivative Structure, Bond Syndication, SBA Loan Syndication, Bond Portfolio Management, Credit and Equity Underwriting, and Private Placements. He furthered his education in Credit and Equity placement for his clients.

2006 - Creation of CH Capital Partners LLC.

In 2006, Sok H. Cordell decided to go independent, and joined Securities America and created CH Capital Partners LLC. At CH Capital Partners LLC, he specialized in CMBS Lending, Government Guarantee Lending, Private Placement, 1031 Exchange, and continued to service his clients in Wealth Management. Sok and his wife currently live in Northwest Portland with their two children, one who graduated from University of Michigan and the other who is attending Westview High school. He believes being independent is the best way for him to service his clients throughout Oregon, Washington, California, and Alaska.

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